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Multiverse theory suggested by microwave background

The idea that other universes – as well as our own – lie within “bubbles” of space and time has received a boost.

Studies of the low-temperature glow left from the Big Bang suggest that several of these “bubble universes” may have left marks on our own.

This “multiverse” idea is popular in modern physics, but experimental tests have been hard to come by.

The preliminary work, to be published in Physical Review D, will be firmed up using data from the Planck telescope.

For now, the team has worked with seven years’ worth of data from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, which measures in minute detail the cosmic microwave background (CMB) – the faint glow left from our Universe’s formation.


The theory that invokes these bubble universes – a theory formally called “eternal inflation” – holds that such universes are popping into and out of existence and colliding all the time, with the space between them rapidly expanding – meaning that they are forever out of reach of one another.

But Hiranya Peiris, a cosmologist at University College London, and her colleagues have now worked out that when these universes are created adjacent to our own, they may leave a characteristic pattern in the CMB.

“It would be a pretty amazing thing to show that we have actually made physical contact in another universe”  George Efstathiou  University of Cambridge

“I’d heard about this ‘multiverse’ for years and years, and I never took it seriously because I thought it’s not testable,” Dr Peiris told BBC News. “I was just amazed by the idea that you can test for all these other universes out there – it’s just mind-blowing.”

via BBC News – ‘Multiverse’ theory suggested by microwave background.

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