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Neal Adams

Advocacy of Expanding Earth theory
Adams with his son, Josh, at a signing for Batman: Odyssey #1 at Midtown Comics Times Square, July 10, 2010.
Adams has put forth ideas on a model of the universe he terms the Growing Earth Theory, an idea he credits to Samuel Warren Carey. While Carey did advocate an expanding Earth model in the mid-20th century, that model has been rejected following the recognition of plate tectonics. Adams rejects tectonics, particularly the theory of subduction, which he says has only been shown to exist in one place on earth and that geologists have grabbed onto it to make their model work.[41] He claims that the Earth is not merely expanding by increasing its volume, but rather growing by manufacturing new atomic mass in its core. Adams advocates his ideas in a DVD documentary he wrote and produced, clips of which he displays on his YouTube channel.
Adams appeared on the radio show Coast to Coast AM several times to discuss his claims.[44] He was also interviewed by Dr. Steven Novella on a Skeptics Guide podcast in 2006, and afterward continued the debate on Novella’s blog.[45] His work led to a 3-part magazine feature on Growing Earth and history of Earth sciences in the Japan Times in 2009.

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