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Emperor of the Internet » Mike Hines

Mike Hines

Mike Hines is a geologist, combat engineer officer, paratrooper, boat builder, computer programmer, imagery interpreter, geospatial engineer and geographic information system professional, (and emperor of the internet).

He wrote the first in-vehicle GPS navigation software with live mapping capability (AutoNAV) with Larry Bestor (president of ATI) in the early 1990’s. He has been deeply involved in some of the largest digital mapping projects ever undertaken including the Digital Chart of the World (DCW), and the Digital Nautical Chart® (DNC) series as a subcontractor to Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI).

He currently has designed and is managing the soil sampling and geospatial database of the largest residential environmental remediation project ever undertaken.

He has 2 great kids who he loves very much. Ryan Hines (Crown Prince of the Internet) a musician and director living in New York City, and Renee Hines (Crown Princess of the Internet) a fashion designer and artist living in Seattle, Washington.

He lives in Florida with his wonderful wife Annie Hall (Empress of the Internet) an author and artist and chef, and Pride Hines (Equine of the Internet), and  (the 3 main felines of the Internet) Spike and Spot and Sox. (whew) 🙂

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